Published February 23, 2013 by Fabio

This is going to be new blog address guys!

I wanted to start fresh and move to a new blog and all, as to create some space most likely.

YouTube videos coming soon! I just need something to talk about…

I’m not that interesting ^-^”

We’re going to try and get back to the old posting style too! Two a day, long in the morning, short at night! Gotta make sure I have plenty of time for blogging!

Thanks for popping in and checking out my workspace~



8 comments on “Hello~!

  • Its cool you’re going to make YouTube videos after we’ve known each other for so long online. Whenever I mentioned you to my mom, she would be like, “HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS PERSON IS REAL? HUH? THEY COULD BE A STALKER POSING AS A TEENAGE GIRL!” And I would be like, “NO GOSH MOM SHE’S REAL I PROMISE”

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